Historical summary and update on expansion of l’école Allain St-Cyr

Past: L’APADY was created in 2003 to apply a political and legal pressure on the GNWT to enlarge l’EASC. Phase 1 was completed in 2008 with promise of a second phase to follow but the second phase was eventually cancelled. Therefore, l’APADY and CSF-TNO proceeded with legal action in 2009. In 2012, Judge Charbonneau granted us all our demands but the GNWT appealed the decision and in 2015 we loss the majority of our gains. The Appeal court ordered GNWT to build us a gymnasium and two small special needs classrooms. We then requested to be heard at the Supreme Court of Canada but our request was rejected because subject matter had previously been dealt with by the Supreme Court (British Columbia’s Rose-des-Vents).

Present: The GNWT obtained a budget to enlarge l’EASC as per court order and offer 2 additional classrooms. L’APADY and CSF-TNO asked GNWT to submit a request to Canadian Heritage to fund additional community spaces to the construction but the GNWT has refused to include community spaces in their application. We also asked the City of Yellowknife to invest in a larger gymnasium but they refused because it was deemed not a priority at this time.

Future: The GNWT has placed the construction project out for tender and will award the contract by end of March 2017; construction will start this summer and should be completed by August 2018.

You can view the schematic plans of the expansion on our web site (apady.org) but note that changes may occur due to construction requirements.

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