French education in Yellowknife

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According to the Bureau of Statistics of the NT, in 2001 Yellowknife’s population was of 18,000. Out of that number, Statistics Canada states that 730 Francophones (French or French and English as the mother tongue) constituted its French-speaking community. This population hasn’t stopped increasing since.

The city of Yellokwnife

The city of Yellokwnife

Yellowknife being the capital of the NT, many important federal government services such as The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the Canadian Armed Forces Headquarters, and the Territorial Government services have established an office where a number of Francophones work. The constant economic development of the NT has positive repercussions on the city of Yellowknife. It is to be noted that the French-speaking population tends to be mobile due to transfers (RCMP, Armed Forces, Federal Government) and the economic development of the city.

In 2003, five Yellowknife schools were offering a complete or partial French immersion program to 650 registered students from kindergarten to grade 12. The only Francophone school had 84 students from kindergarten to grade 9, and was also offering a pre-kindergarten program.


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