Mission and mandate

All organisations need a reason to exist and l’APADY is no exception to that rule. Here, you will find the soul reason why we have created this organisation and how do we intend to achieve our goal.

mission_statementThe mission :  L’APADY mission is to represent and equip Yellowknife parents whom kids are entitled to receive education in French first language. It would also be to promote French as full and vibrante first language in Yellowknife education system.

The mandate : The mandate of l’APADY is to ensure the quality of French education in Yellowknife.

To do this, we put forward five priorities:

  1. Increase education in French first language.
  2. Promote quality programming in French first language for la Garderie Plein Soleil and l’EASC.
  3. Ensures compliance with section 23 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
  4. Promote the Francophone culture and the child development as well.
  5. Inform and help parents of Yellowknife that have acquired rights in French education.

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